We are creative people and we present our work on stage in front of an audience.

It may be at a workshop, on our website, through a product, or at one-on-one meetings. Our dialogue with you is a performance and our aim is that you will watch and respond. We call it knocking on the door – suggesting that you invite something in and observe it.

We need to attract your attention so that you will hear us knocking, to surprise and intrigue you so you will want to get up and open the door.
This is the origin of our creative language. It comes from our background in the theatre and from our experience in driving processes of thinking.
A language that is unexpected but precise.

Unexpected is the package. Colorful and vital, different from what we know, sometimes illogical. It may have something disturbing, provoking indecision, or something captivating and tempting – the main thing is for the encounter with it to shake things up and open people’s eyes.
Inside the package there is a message, the experience we have created has a narrative and it is accurate when it is relevant.
When we identify something of ourselves in it. We make sure that it is sophisticated, we believe that our audience will understand.
So this is how we work – we create a provocation, we attract attention, and in a moment of alertness we put across our message – here, we have knocked on the door. You decide whether to open it or not.
Thank you. Applause.

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