This is a ceremony, held with great simplicity.

It means getting up in the morning and, first of all, meeting myself. Pausing for a moment, looking myself in the eye, and asking:
How am I? How do I feel?

It means being here and now, fully present, alert, with heightened senses and all sensors receiving, collecting data from inside and outside, looking at them and allowing them to look back at us. Raising questions, bringing up emotions, allowing clarity, understanding, and even knowledge.

This is a human encounter, seeking eye contact, looking for truth, understanding that what we do not understand is not necessarily incorrect, but may simply be outside our angle of vision. It means attempting to expand our range of vision, find new viewpoints, move closer, move further away, stretch, stand on tiptoe, turn around.

It is a dance, it is movement, it makes us feel alive, connected, interesting. It keeps us developing and growing. It is a study that never ends, that is everywhere, all the time, in everything; it is the “why” and the “how”, it is a true, burning passion that drives our lives.

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