It begins with a little pecking that gets stronger and stronger, we begin to look, it grows into a real hunger, we close our eyes and try to imagine what will satisfy us, ideas pass before us until one of them ignites a flame, sparks excitement, enthusiasm, inspires us, the mind begins to work, creativity develops and the dream becomes clear.

The dream is the source of energy, it does not let go of us and we do not let go of it. It has passion, creativity, ambition, tossing us far and high.
As we fly higher, more possibilities are spread out before us, more opportunities, our hunger increases, the fire burns stronger, everything seems possible.

The dream gains strength, gives us courage – to fulfill a dream, we sometimes take a risk. Our dreams have led us to where we are today.

We see the dream as a tool for leadership, for leading. A dream translated into vision and road map, a true dream inspiring motivation and belief, such a dream is contagious, it can be passed on, and that, in fact, is our mission.

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