We interpret ‘devotion’ in the most intimate sense: To devote yourself it is necessary to strip off and to be together.

Stripping off begins with coming closer, putting down the masks, first of all our own. Approaching in a way that is clean, simple, authentic, nothing to hide, no one is perfect. Bringing ourselves, sharing with others what we really are. It is expressed in the language that we choose to use, the informal atmosphere that is most comfortable for us, sometimes in slippers, usually with a smile, with humor, aiming for meetings to be pleasant and work accompanied by enjoyment.

This is how a connection is formed – one on one or one with a group, and when we achieve closeness it is easier to set out and to act together.
And together is a strategy. A powerful tool for achieving aims. It starts with our togetherness as a couple and continues with a sense of belonging that it is important for
us to build among all those who go with us.

It requires us to listen, to be tolerant, to extend a hand, to give generously and with abundance. To find the point that connects us personally to each individual with sensitivity and love. Even when it is not easy there is no choice, we have to find the right way to connect and move on in coordination and synchronization.
To connect and be connected to the dream that leads us and to fulfill it together, each one of us from our own place.
We are a group of devotees and if you really want to join us, you have to devote yourself in return.

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