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shopping catalog The Coaching Game

The game includes 65 cards with 65 topics that all of us come across in the course of our lives, a book of Insights, Stories, and Thoughts, Focus notes, and a reusable layout chart

A book that expands each theme through stories, quotes, interpretations and more photos. 4 process maps offer structured methods for use with the cards.



33 Photocards, 33 words cards, 33 questions. Layout chart that gives the opportunity to combine cards, highly effective in dynamic therapy, coaching, and counseling. Including booklet offering suggestions on how to play Punctum in different settings



30 EUR Savings with this Bundle. Flexible 65+33 card combinations make it a fascinating combo, highly effective in coaching, training, and facilitation for personal and professional development



99 Black & White Photo cards, 58+8 Reflection cards, Real mirror card, 4 Process maps, including Inspirational Book for 1:1 coaching and group facilitation



Flow game about well-being and mindfulness with 65 Photo cards, 12+4 Layout cards, 4 Focus cards, and an inspirational book in a cardboard box



Over 40 EUR Savings with Ultimate Bundle. Get all unique tools that use photos, words, questions, layout charts, inspirational books to boost professional and personal development and communication